SnorkelingUnderwater landscapes of this island are a great attaction for diving lovers, here you can find spectacular coral banks surrounded by unique marine life. Northern to Espiritu Santo Island are Los Islotes, where the world's second biggest sealion colony is situated.

We get into the boat between 8:30 and 9:00 hrs. to navigate direct to Espiritu Santo Island arriving there on south point, once there we start the tour on the west side, passing first by a rock known as El Paileboat wich looks like a ship stern, passing between this rock and the cliff, the boat crosses while the captain or guide gives a short explanation about this site. Then the boat sails through a cave named La Partida, giving again a short explanation of the cave. About 15 minutes after we arrive to a zone north western to La Partida Island, this place is called Los Islotes.

SnorkelingThis place is an important reproductive colony having between 300 & 350 sea lions, wich can be observed all year round, being more abundant on winter when adult and sub adult males arrive, and in summer when pregnant female arrive to give birth its pups. It's also an important nesting site for birds.

The boat is anchored betweem 10 and 15 meters from La Lobera, snorkeling gear and instructions are givent to the customers and safety instructions as well. Sealions are very curious and playful generally with the humans, but snorkeling activity may follow safety instructions given by our captains or guide. We stay at this site for at least one hour.

After this site starts the returning tour, going first through El Embudo arch. The boat returns coasting along most beaches and is anchored on a beach called El Gallo wich with beside its shallow waters and white sand is a solitary beach. Here we can eat, swim, do snorkel or simply walk along the beach. If you like we can provide sunshade but the beach has a cave that naturally provides shade. The stay on this site is from 45 minutes to 1 hour.

The return is aproximately at 15:30 hrs. The tour lasts 5 to 6 hours, however, it is free time, it depends on the weather conditions and customer criteria.