Whale Watching

Whale WatchingBaja is a heaven to many kinds of whales, we have several whales roaming our waters like blue whale, fin whale, sperm whale, humpback whale, orca, pilot whale and Baja's world wide renoun grey whale are commonly seen in Baja.

Whale WatchingThe grey whale migrates from the northern waters of the Behring Sea all the way to Baja to mate and give birth. They are here between the months of January to March seeking bajas rich lagoons as mating and birthing grounds. Thanks to the Mexican goverment and the International community , theese whales have been removed from the endangered species list due to tough laws and a strong scense conservancy.

Allow us to take you on one of our tours for a once in a life time experiance watching hundreds of whales either mating swimming or even mothers helping their calves to the surface for their first breth of air.